Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Samantha's First Tattoo

I found a temporary tattoo the other day and put it on Samantha.

She loves to be outside.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Buddy's first day crawling!!!

She finally did it!!! Samantha crawled. I was losing all hope that she was going to crawl, but she finally did it tonight! I'm all excited about it right now, but I know I'll be running after her like crazy. She was already into everything before she could crawl, so I could only imagine....

Catching Up with the blog.

Samantha and Parker finally meet! Ashley and I were so excited for this moment, but the girls really didn't want to play together, I think they're still too young. Thanks Ashley and Parker for coming all the way to El Paso!!

This is Samantha Easter morning in awe of her huge Easter basket. My mom got it for her because she really loves squishy soccer balls. Parker brought her the bunny ears and she still wears them.

This is Sam and Samantha right before I took him to the airport to go back home :( It was sad to watch them say "bye" to each other, but we'll back in CA about mid May until I come back to school at the end of Aug.