Saturday, May 19, 2012

Artworks Studio!

My friend, Alisha, invited us to join her at an open art session at an art studio near her house. It was for ages 2 and up and I figured Matt would not be interested, but he ran right in and picked up a paintbrush. There were many different stations with different materials and tools and Samantha and Matt couldn't wait to try all of them.
The pictures aren't that great because they're from my phone.

Sammy really liked this roller stencil thing. That's her friend, Audrey next to her (Alisha's daughter).

Matt thought this one was pretty neat. It was a long, thick brush (kinda like a miniature mop) that you slapped the paper with.

This one was cool too. It was balls with different textures, like koosh balls, golf balls, etc. You dipped them in paint and rolled them around using the bucket.

Sammy's Costumes  

This kid LOVES to dress anything.
She's pretty famous around here for making outfits out of paper bags. She asked for a paper bag, a pair of scissors, and some tape. She disappeared to her room for half an hour and runs out wearing this.

We went to a little boy's birthday party today and he has a ton of costumes and Sammy couldn't wait to try them all on. Cutest Captain America ever :)

She really wanted to try on the Iron Man costume (he's her favorite, Sam convinced her that he is Iron Man), but another kid was wearing it.