Friday, November 26, 2010

Awesome Company

My friend Lindsey is doing a giveaway for an awesome bag from a really great company called, GreenSmart Bags. They make their products from recycled plastic bottles! You can check out and enter the giveaway too!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More pictures from about a month ago

I love that they love each other.

Sammy has so much patience with Matt.

Sammy's favorite pasttime. If she could sit in a swing all day she would be a happy camper.

The Park...from a while back

We went to the park about a month ago with my parents and I just found these pictures on my mom's computer.

Matt and Sammy in the swing together. Neither of them liked it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Longest, most unorganized post ever.

We've been really busy around here. Sam is non stop school all the time and Matthew is a bundle of energy. Samantha still goes to full time day care even though I stay home. She likes it and wants to go every day without fail. She is the weirdest kid I know. If she's sick, she's sad because she can't go to school and when I ask her if she wants to stay home with me she says no. A lot has happened this month. The pictures loaded backwards, so the most recent stuff is first... I think. Nevermind, I just checked. They really are completely unorganized. oops. What can I say? That is my life right now.

Matthew loves to eat of his high chair now. We used to feed him in his swing, but it gets too messy, especially since he has started blowing those dreaded raspberries while eating.

Sammy picked out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and we had to decorate it for school. The kids are supposed to do it, but last year we realized that the parents actually do it. (A little precursor for that dreaded science fair project.) Anyway, Sam decorated this one. Poor thing...Sammy really wanted to help, but Sam was trying to outdo the other parents. I made the hat and the eyes :)

I wish these were in sequence, but this is Matt after one of Sammy's painting projects. He didn't mind one bit.

It started on the paper and slowly made it's way up Matt's leg.

Sammy getting crafty.

Matt practicing his sippy cup skills.

Trying to get a cute fall picture of the kids at the pumpkin patch to no avail.

Sammy and her best friend Gianna from school. And a donkey. He really liked Sammy

Best buds.

Earlier in the month we went to the zoo to check out the new Africa exhibit. I was shocked at all the awesome animals they had, but the exhibit was very small and I felt sorry for them. The zoo always makes me sad and mad.

I could have sat and watched the lions all day. That's right...lions. One male and four female. Crazy for the El Paso Zoo, but like I said, awful accommodations.

I love this picture, even though the sea lion is blurry. (My mom thought it was an eel.) Sea lions are Samantha's absolute favorite. Crossing my fingers we can still make our Sea World trip in December.

Sam and Sammy at the Madeline Park trick or treat. Sammy always makes that crazy face. She went to a few doors, but she was more interested in playing on the swings and jungle gym, which she will be doing a lot more of very soon! We rented a house in the Kern area by UTEP. It's a very old house (no dishwasher) with a black/green tile master bath and blue flower wallpaper in the main bath. Yummm!! I'll post pics when we move in around Thanksgiving. We love the neighborhood, just hope I can get used to the old dishwasher and I'm really hoping no one died in it :(

Matthew was a tiger and wasn't really impressed with the whole Halloween thing.

On Oct 27, we had to take Matt to the ER. He picked up the croup that Sammy has the week before only he was having trouble breathing. To my surprise, they admitted him and kept him overnight. I maybe slept 2 hours the whole time. We got admitted around 1am so of course there were tons of people in and out of the room. Matt was entertained the next day by stroller rides around the pediatric floor. It was so sad to see all the sick kids far worse off than Matt. I think if I ever became a nurse I would like to work in pediatric oncology. It's the saddest thing in the world, but those kids are so brave. I just wanted to hug every one of them.

Sammy doing art work.

She loves band aids, can't you tell? She watches a show called Sid the Science kid and they were making estimation jars, so of course she wanted one. I must say, I love PBS. Kids learn so much from those shows. Dinosaur Train is also one of her favorites. It was created by a paleontologist and there are tons of facts in it about dinosaurs.

He got a jumper a while back and he loves it.

Snacking on a carrot.

Going for a walk around the apartments. When the kids act bad, we go for a walk. Works for grown ups too :)

In a real swing for the first time. He doesn't look all that impressed does he?