Saturday, February 20, 2010

29 Weeks

Here's what's been happening with this crazy pregnancy lately: I went in for a routine appointment at 27 weeks and I told the Dr. I had been haviing some contractions and I was feeling a lot of pressure. So he checked and I was dialted to 3 cm (sorry, probably TMI.) I was in preterm labor. Very scary. He told me I had to go straight to the hospital. I got hooked up to monitors and I was having regular contractions every 3-5 minutes. They gave 3 shots of Terbutaline (to stop the contratctions), some antibiotics, 3 bags of fluid, and two steriod shots to speed development of the baby's lungs.

I spent the night there and they finally got the contractions under control. I was released, but the Dr. said I would spend the remainder of my pregnancy on bed rest. I'm only supposed to get up to go the restroom and take a shower. Easier said than done. For the most part, I relax on the couch all day, but I still do some laundry and load the dishes and go for a few car rides. It's very easy to go stir crazy.

Here are some updated belly pics @ 29 weeks:

(Sammy drew eyeliner all over her face)

Random Sammy

I have been told by lots of people that I need to update my blog. I've been on bed rest for the last two weeks and somehow I've been really busy. I still have to make lesson plans and grade papers, so that's been taking up a lot of time. Not to mention I watch every episode of Birth Day and Deliver Me on Discovery Health. I just sit there and watch c section after c section and torture myself. Anyway, that's how I've been spending my days.

Here are a few pictures of Sammy:

Aunt Kassy went to a few 80's parties and had some awesome eyeshadow that Samantha really liked as well and she asked to paint her face like a dinosuar. So this is how it turned out.

This one of of Sammy's hyper nights. I'm not kidding...she ran around my parent's apartment for two hours straight and she put that headband on like that all by herself.

My parents took her to the zoo two weeks ago and apparently they had fun at the gift shop. The El Paso Zoo is really pathetic these days, so I think the gift shop was the highlight of the trip.

Here she is making Kool Aid. She loves to help do everything.

Here is Sammy and her Pappy at the zoo.