Monday, April 27, 2009

All done!

I'm so relieved. I finished the horrific 10 page physical science paper with accompanying power point. It took 3 hours in the library this morning to put finishing touches on it and now it's done! I still have the presentation tomorrow. I also picked up all the stuff for my graduation's all finally sinking in that I'll be done soon.

Samantha still has a bad cough so I'm taking her to the doctor this wednesday for a check up. Here are a few pictures from this week:

Here she is in Mimi's backyard.

An awesome mowhawk

This entertained her for an hour. She just kept pouring the water back and forth from the different cups.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Croup

Samantha has been sick all weekend :( Sam is sick too...actually, he has been sick since the day he got here. I suspect he picked it up from the airplane. So yesterday morning we took Samantha to the hospital and Sam got seen too. The doctor diagnosed them both upper Respiratory Infection. He gave Sam like 4 different prescriptions and the only thing he gave Samantha was Benadryl...WTF?! So this morning she was acting really out of it and she couldn't really breathe so we took her to a different hospital. She has croup. She got two breathing treatments and a steroid shot. I hope tonight is a better night. My dad is staying home from work to take care of her because I have to go to school. It's the last week of my internship. YAYE!

I have been looking for a job lately and nothing. I think I'm going to apply at private schools to get some expereince. hopefully they're hiring. I do not want to be a substitiute for ever.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I really need to write on this thing more often. I have just been so busy lately, as the title suggests. I've been trying to do homework and papers and projects and I don't really care anymore. I am sooooo done with school.
Samantha is not helping with the stress either. She has had a really rough week. She cries as soon as she realizes she's going to daycare. Then she screams when I leave. they tell me she settles down as soon as I leave and when I pick her up she's playing and happy as can be. I think it's just a separation anxiety phase. Then I started her on some nasty antifungal medicine because she seems to have a fungal infection in one of her toenails. GROSS. This stuff has made her irritable and restless and her appetite is gone. Well come to find out this crap can really damage your liver and I'm scared to give it to her. Apparently topical medications are pretty bad too. So now I have to let her just be with her nasty toe?

Then Sam decides to send me an i phone (that I don't want). I just need a simple phone. So now I have to go to the att store and pick out a new one. I was perfectly happy btw with my current provider and phone. Thanks for adding to my list of things to do, Sam.

I can't get too mad. He was trying to do something nice and I miss him terribly. He'll be here this Friday and I'm sure this week is going to drag. It sucks that I have to be in school the whole week he's here. I have a prokect due and he's gonna spend a lot of time with Samantha so I can get it done. A twenty minute presentation and a 10 page paper in physics that's about a geiger counter and a smoke detector. Doesn't that sound like the most awesomest thing ever? Are you excited? I know I am.

It's late and I need sleep.