Thursday, February 14, 2013

Picture Overload!

These pictures loaded a little out of order and I don't have the patience to rearrange them. This is basically a summary of what's been happening with the Warrens since Christmas.

She still loves her Easy Bake oven that Grammy and Grampy got her as an early Christmas present. We literally made like 50 mini pretzels this day. They were good too!

We cleared an area in our backyard for a swing set for the kids and it turned out to be too unlevel, so Sam turned the area into a firepit. It's actually pretty awesome.

The jungle gym for the kids from us and Ama T. They play on it everyday, even if it's freezing outside. My dad and Sam worked countless hours in the freezing cold putting this thing together. My poor dad basically spent his entire Christmas vacation working on it :(
We're very grateful.

Sammy and her Easy Bake oven.

My little Sydney.

Sam taught Sammy how to trace and set up a little studio for her. She likes to wear headphones and listen to music (preferably Taylor Swift) so she can concentrate.

Love. I turned this one into a Valentines Card.

Very rare occasion of getting along and watching a movie together.
Visit to a cupcake boutique.

I was so proud of this homework assignment. She did it all by herself!

I wish I could've got a better picture, but I had to document this. I often find him wearing these goggles and he says he's a fighter pilot. He likes to wear them on top of his head too.

All by himself! Tallest tower to date.

100th day of school project.

This is my life this month. Sam has been away in Ohio for flight nurse training. He left February 5th and the kids and I have been doing surprisingly well on our own. I seriously stressed myself to the point of sickness before he left because I was freaking out about being alone. We only have a couple of friends here and I was worried about emergencies and what not. A lady I run with offered to help me anytime and surprisingly, I got a phone call from Sammy's teacher and she offered to take the kids if I ever needed help. It's kind of nice to know that people were ready to help. We miss Sam so much, but it's only 28 days and I know there are people out there (Ashley :)) who have to endure much longer time frames without their better half. I look up to you all. It is hard work, especially with kids.

Matty setting up his tee ball equipment. Future baseball star? 

I find him like this all too often. It's cute that he can still fit on a twin size bed laying across it.

Happy Valentines Day!!
Sam bought the kids Wreck It Ralph on itunes and we are going to bake cookies and watch it tonight. I think I have the best valentines dates!
I got Sammy a bear. She loves it :)

I had a hard time finding Matt something, but I ran across a pool toy that's also a counting game. He took a 45 minute bath because he was having so much fun. 

My first attempt at trimming Sammy's hair. I figured I could save some money doing it myself. She's growing out her hair and she just wanted a trim. Lucky for me, her hair is curly at the ends and it hides any mistakes. I think I did okay though. But man was it difficult. 

This is how I like to end the day...a (semi) clean house. 

Matty and I's favorite pasttime...Panda Express! We get the same thing, orange chicken and fried rice. This kid loves it. I usually ask him what he wants for lunch and 9 times out of 10 he'll tell me, "Panda rice!"

Wish us luck that we get through the rest of the month! The kids and I are leaving Saturday morning to El Paso!! An 8 hour road trip ahead of us...please pray for us.