Thursday, March 14, 2013

El Paso and other adventures

Around mid February I decided to go to El Paso to break up the monotony. I pulled Sammy out of school for 4 days and we hopped in the car with one adult, 2 kids, a dog, and a fish. The trip there was actually pretty calm and went by fast. We had a great time and I got to catch up with friends and meet a new four legged member of the family. Lacy got a black lab puppy named Benelli. She is so sweet, but she is a puppy and full of energy. She loved to hang out with Matt while he was taking a bath. I actually have a pretty cute video and I'm going to try to upload it. We also hung out with Blondie, Kassandra and Billy's puppy. She is super cuddly, but also full of energy. It was pretty much non stop chaos.

Sammy had western day at school before we left. The vest and skirt cost me $2.50 total. I got lucky at the thrift store on base. 

Then on to El Paso we went...
Met up with my friends for dinner at Carlos and Mickey's (our usual) for Mexican food (San Antonio is lacking in that dept.) and of course Margaritas!!! Always a fun time with these girls.

Sunset in El Paso (San Antonio is also lacking here)

Blondie and Sydney. Sydney finally warmed up to the puppies near the end of our trip.


Matt and his Spider Man.

Back in San Antonio...
We came back at the end of february and Sam still had another 10 days until he got to come home. He hated flight school in Ohio. Constant snow, teen degree weather, and boring classroom days. Towards the end though, he met some friends and actually had a fun time.  The kids and I still had to occupy our time. My friend, Alisha, invited us to the dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum. Here's the kids hanging out at the museum:

Digging for fossils. Both of the kids really enjoyed this. Matt really hated the dinosaur part. Especially the big ones. They were animatronic and pretty lifelike. I would have been scared too if I was small enough to fit in their mouths. 

sheer terror

Checking out ducks in the river below

Sammy trying to classify a dino footprint. She and her friend, Audrey, did a pretty good job.

The only dinosaur he liked. Personally, I thought it was the creepiest one, but it was the smallest and it made duck-like noises.

He was actually happy in his sleeping bag, just not happy that I was taking a picture and disrupting his beloved cartoons.