Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Christmas pictures

Sammy and I decided to make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I think I was literally frosting cookies all day. For some reason I thought Santa needed 47 cookies.

Playing "airplane" with Daddy.

Singing her heart out during her Christmas program. She was looking forward to it for 2 months. Once the big day came, she seemed to get a case of stage fright, but she still did a great job. I think all of the kids were a little overwhelmed, it was standing room only in the church.

And here's my Sammy princess before we left to go to the program. She loved the black shoes...they are her "high heels."

Blast from the Past

This is my cousin Henry and I when we were babies. Samantha was going through some pictures last night and she thought it was her. I've been meaning to show Ashley this picture...Parker and Samantha have one just like this from when she visited El Paso.