Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Job hunting and potty training

We are finally all moved in to Sam's Mom's house. I've been spending a lot of my time job hunting and trying to get our health insurance in line. I guess I took for granted how much the Air Force took care of us as far as housing and healthcare. Oh, I have some good news. I went to apply for an 8th grade U.S. History position and the principal spoke to me, kinda interviewed me and invited me back later this week for a second interview with the asst. principal and the department. I am so excited!!!! I have been waiting for the phone to ring so I know the specific time and day of the interview. It would be so nice to get a job...Sam and I could finally buy a house...WOW! I know I have really high hopes, I just can't help it. I'll keep everyone posted as to how it all turns out.

I almost forgot! More exciting news! Samantha has been going to the potty while we are at home. I put her in big girl undies when we're just hanging around the house and she tells me when she needs to go and I take her to her potty. She gets a little scared, but the she gets used to it and she is so proud of herself. She tells me "Mommy so happy!" I am.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just some random stuff

During a Wendy's Chicken Nugget Adventure

Sam and I acting like goofballs.

Mommy and Sammy

Doesn't she look intellectual?

This weekend has been crazy. We are moving, once again, to Sam's mom's house. It's nice because we'll finally have our own room and Samantha will have her own room too. I've been sharing a room with Samantha for over a year and I need my space. It has been 100 degrees here and I was in a hot garage trying to organize our stuff while Sam was loading everything and moving. It's going to be soooo nice when I finally find a job and we can get our own place. I think we might rent for the two years we are in El Paso because Sam wants to go back into the Air Force as an officer so that means we'll be moving AGAIN. We really want to buy a house, but I'm scared that we'll have problems when we try to sell in two years. Well that's all for now. I have to get back to the endless pile of laundry. It reminds me of chinese food. You know you eat and eat and eat and then your full, but it look like you barely ate anything off your plate? Laundry = Chinese food.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sammy Kay's Weekend

Sammy and I just bummed around the house all weekend. Sam was off doing his National Guard weekend in Tucson. I am about to go insane. Samantha is driving me nuts and all I heard out of her all weekend is "Parker, Hokey Pokey." Anytime anyone gets on a computer she asks to watch the video of Ashley and Parker doing the Hokey Pokey. And she banged up her forehead pretty good when she ran right into the front door.

I love to ask her where Daddy went. She says "Tucson" and it's so cute. It's been hard for me to get pictures and video of her lately because anytime she sees a camera she wants to do it.

No More Bottles!!!

I cannot be any prouder of my little Samantha pants! I have been trying to potty train Samantha lately and I realized it would be crazy to have a potty trained baby who still takes a bottle. So two days ago I decided to do away with the bottle and I'm sticking to my guns this time. I asked Sammy if she wanted to give them away and she said she wanted to give them to the Easter Bunny. She went into a cabinet where we keep grocery bags and got one out and started filling it with bottles. Then she went to the front door to leave them outside for the Easter Bunny. It was my idea to finally be rid of the yucky bottles, but it was her idea to leave them for the Easter Bunny. It was so cute.

I was worried about how naps and bedtime would go, but it has been great. At nap time she just falls asleep when she's tired and at nighttime I just turn off the lights and she eventually falls asleep (in my bed, then I move her to her crib, but I eventually want to get to her falling asleep all on her own...someday.) She also sleeps all night long! Before she was waking up for a bottle twice a night. It was getting ridiculous.

I'm so proud of her...she's growing up!