Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

I was so happy that Sam was able to be here for the holidays. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to update this thing. We had some visitors; it was so nice. My Aunt Kim, Uncle David and Ryan came to El Paso and we celebrated an early Christmas with them. My cousin Mikaela came from Phoenix and it was nice cause I haven't seen her in a while.

Overall we had a really great Christmas. Samantha was especially excited...she got like five new dolls and a lot of cute clothes. Thanks again to everyone :)

Here she is hanging out in Papa's recliner. Oh and she's actually wearing a dress and some tights. She actually looks like a little girl.

Sam trying really hard to open her presents.

I just thought this one was funny. I just wanted to see if her bathing suit still fit. Amazingly it does, she hasn't gained much weight, I think she's finally stretching out. Maybe she'll fit into normal width shoes soon.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is my favorite picture of Samantha. I love this face.

Melissa takes pictures

My Aunt Melissa was here with my Uncle Mark and the kids for Thanksgiving and she took some pictures of us. I'm happy to have some good pictures of Samantha, but sad because I wish Sam was here to be in them with us. Only two more weeks till we get to see him!
Thanks, Melissa for all the pictures :)

Kassandra, Me, Lacy

Thanksgiving Table Fun

Samantha decided that she really wanted to run around the table, so we let her of course.

I haven't been updating this thing much because I have just been so busy. I only have a few projects left in school and then I'm done. Well, done for the semester. I still have one more then I'm done. YAY!!!

Samantha finally got into the daycare here on post. I really don't need it until January, but the spot opened so I have to start in December. I'm going to take her a little chunks of time so she can get used to her new class and to give me some extra time during finals week to finish up some school stuff. Believe it or not, I am a lot more productive when I don't have to chase after Samantha.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just hanging out

I like this picture, she looks like those cartoon dogs with the big heads. Yes, that's a banana on the floor. She loves them.

We had a Dragon Fiesta at the school I'm interning at. It's a way for the different departments and programs to raise money. It was pretty fun and Samantha got her face painted. Here she is sitting in the clinique make up chair afterwards. We went to the mall to pick up some stuff after the school thing and everyone was laughing because she kept looking at her face paint in the mirror.

While Sam was here we went to visit his grandma (Samantha's great grandma).

Fun Stuff while Dada was here

Sam had no idea I was taking this picture.

There is a deer in the background...sorry, I'm not a good picture taker. We had so much fun Samantha here. We took her to a mini-petting zoo place behind a dairy in Socorro, TX. She LOVED it. They had a mama donkey walking around with her baby donkey and the baby would follow us around. It was so cute. I thought I took a pic with Samantha and the baby donkey, but I guess it didn't save. Well here are a few more...

Here's a better one of the deer.

These were goats.

She was so upset when we left. She fed the ponies candy. Oh, and they also had a camel, an ostrich, and a couple of cows.
Samantha loves cows sooooo much. It was so sad when we left because she was crying so hard and she said, "mooo" in the middle of the crying.
I'll probably be taking her back soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

San Angelo and some randomness

This picture is first because it's hilarious. Samantha always insists on riding in this stroller that's way too small for her. And check out her shoes. My neighbor gave them to her and Samantha brings them to me all of the time to put them on her. They're old school reeboks and she looks very 80s in this complete outfit.

Samantha, my mom, my dad, and I drove down to San Angelo, TX (about 7 hours east of El Paso) a few weeks ago. I'm slow and I barely got around to posting some pictures. There wasn't much to see there, just a neat river walk. It was just nice to get out of El Paso for a little while.

Samantha loves slides as much as Sam.

Samantha and I look hideous in this picture, but any chance I can get with all of us together is going to get posted.

Here they are on a tire swing at a state park in san angelo. There was nothing there but an almost dried-up lake and a playground.

This is my favorite picture. I may have already posted it, but oh well.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We went looking for a costume yesterday and this is what we found...a dinosaur. I was really dissapointed because Samantha wanted to be a cow, but they didn't have any. This was one of the last costumes left. She wants me to put it on her all of the time.

I'm so excited because Sam will be here tomorrow night and he wants to take Samantha trick or treating. Maybe just a few houses, then we're probably going to watch movies or something. He'll be in town 'till Monday then he goes back to Travis AFB. He'll be back for two weeks in Dec. for Christmas though :)
I've been thinking a lot lately about going back to CA in Jan, instead of going to school. (Sam is set to deploy in Sept., so maybe I'll spend the time with him then go back in the fall). The stress is really getting unbearable. My classes aren't hard or anything, but my internship is a nightmare, literally. Oh well just a few more weeks and I can flush this semester down the toilet, by far the worst semester in school so far.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween

Finally, a new post. Sam has been here for a little over a week so we've been busy. We got a pumpkin the other day and we decided to carve it because it was nice outside. Samantha was not really interested at all.

Here's thbe finished product. Sam carved it, it's suppossed to be the yellow monster from Happy Monster Band.

Monday, September 22, 2008

One Year Old pictures....finally

So here are her one year old pictures. They took them at her school/daycare and I thought they turned out really good, so I'm using them as her one year old pictures.

This picture is of Sam's grandpa, Sam Callan. I'm not sure how old he was here, but cover up the hair and Smantha looks just like him. He has since passed, but he used to be a quarter back for UT Austin. He was a very tall man. If Samantha truly does take after him, I'm going to have a pee wee football player on my hands...or basketball...or volleyball. Or she just might be girly like me and want to do dance, maybe ballet ? :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

She can feed herself...sort of :)

I was feeding Samantha Ramen (I know, that stuff is terrible for you). She decided to grab the fork and feed herself. She did make a mess, but also got a lot in her mouth. Now everytime I try to feed her she grabs thte spoon and wants to do it herself. She ate a whole bowl of macaroni and cheese yesterday and she did it all by herself. She wants to be so independent these's sad.

it's been a while...

It's been a really long time since I've posted anything...sorry. I've been sooo busy lately. I started school and my student teaching (7th grade English) and I've also been searching for a really good daycare for Samantha. I'm lucky that Sam's mom watches her mon and fri and my mom watches her in the evening when I have school. Mimi also takes of her during the week instead of taking her to daycare. It's been so hard for her to adjust. So anyway, here are just a few, random pictures from the last month.

Here are a few pictures from her first birthday.

This is her outside. She loves to play in the sprinklers.

Here we are reading a book at Mimi's house. She loves books.