Monday, October 19, 2009

All settled in with a porcupine

We just moved into our new apartment last weekend. It's so weird having our own place's nice. Sam went out and bought Samantha a new dresser. It's really cute and girly, but it smells like hamster pee. We might be returning it. My Grandma got her a new bed set at Target and the lamp to match (I'll take pictures later.) My mom got her the matching sheets. That little girl is soooo spoiled. She sleeps on a twin bed now and it's sad. She's growing up so fast.

She grabs my cheeks so that I turn to face her and she gets really close and this is the conversation:
Sammy: "You know what mommy?"
Mommy: "What?"
Sammy: " I bought present for you..."
Mommy: " What did you get me?"
Sammy: " A porcupine"
(We have this conversation at least 10 times a day)