Monday, November 30, 2009


Samantha has reached the "why" stage. For everything anyone says she asks, "why?" She is also getting very exciting about the baby in the belly. She tells me that she is going to rock the baby in a rocking chair and push "her" in her pink doll stroller. I am very grateful she is willing to help, but she says that all she wants is a sister. I hope if she ends up having a brother she'll be okay with that too. We'll hopefully find out in two weeks if Sammy is going to have a brother or a sister.

Meanwhile, I am still nauseous (mostly just in the morning). I have found a cure though, but I'm not sure how safe it is. My OB says it's okay, but I'm still questioning it. I take two regular dramamines at night (not every night though) and I wake up rested and feeling good. I'm still popping Zofran almost every morning. Hopefully all of this will finally subside in the coming weeks.

I really wish I could eat cereal. It has a lot of vitamins and it sounds so good, but I immediately feel sick after eating it. It doesn't help that I still can't tolerate prenatal vitamins. I'll take Sammy's gummy vitamins occasionally.

Oh and the best news of all....It has been snowing all day, something we normally don't see here in El Paso, but it has been great! I hope enough accumulates throughout the night to cancel school. That would be awesome. I know I just had a few days off for Thanksgiving, but I can use all the days off I can get. Sleep is a valueable commodity.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's been a while

I think all of my posts should have this title. I'm horrible at updating this thing. Anyway, here are some pictures from Halloween. She loved trick or treating, but I think she enjoyed passing out candy more. Sam came up with the idea of a cat, but Sammy desperately wanted to be Sleeping Beauty. Last minute, I found a costume at the Disney Store and took it home and got her ready for trick or treating. The costume made her miserable and she ended up in the comfortable cat costume after all.

Playing tea party with Makenna at Thanksgiving.