Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Easter

We celebrated Easter a little early because Aunt Kim, Uncle David, Ryan, and Uncle Mark left Saturday morning.

Easter bunny Dallas. She is soooo cuddly.

Matt and Aunt Kassy.

Sammy and Parker dyeing Easter eggs. It was so funny because they wanted to dip the eggs in all of the colors. We ended up with a lot of olivey-green colored ones.

Ashley reading to Dallas.

Excited over her Easter stuff.

Easter bunny Matthew.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Matt's Birthday

Matt's birthday is April 23, but we had a celebration at the house a week early because we had some out of town company (Aunt Kim, Ryan, Ashley, and Parker.)
These pictures are backwards because I don't feel like doing a bunch of cutting and pasting. It's midnight as I am writing this.

This was the best birthday family picture we could all muster. Sammy looks royally peeved about the whole thing. I think she was just mad that we interrupted her playtime with Parker.

Sammy and Parker were big helpers with Matt's presents :)

Grampy got Matthew his first Monster truck.

The cake!! Sam and I made it :) Ashley helped with the icing because I had no idea how to use the frosting bags.

I made him this onesie, my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling. Ashley has been teaching a lot of crafty things since she has been here. I'm so thankful for that :)

They love each other :)

I could just squeeeeze him! I need to capture this smile on video. It's hilarious. Everytime a flash goes off he busts out with the cheesiest smile. He has done it since around 6 months old.

The awesome banner Ashley made. I love it and I need to get around to hanging it up in his room.

Matthew and my mom (Grammy)

Super cool (and yummy) spaghetti cupcakes that Aunt Kim made.

Parker, Dallas, and Samantha in their matching party dresses (Thanks Aunt Kim!)

Sammy "helping"

We had such a great time. Thank you everyone for being here to celebrate Matt's 1st year :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally updating this thing...sort of

It has been a while. I feel kinda terrible because I used to update this thing all of the time when Sammy was a baby and I hardly post anything now that Matt's around. It goes without saying that he is quite a handful and when I find free time, I usually just like to vegetate in front of the T.V.
Here's the latest happenings of Matthew:

This is probably the most recent picture I have of him. He loves to go to the park and play on the jungle gym. His favorite things are the steering wheel and the tunnels. He's not really a swing baby like Sammy was/is.
*He's a walker now!!!!! He pretty much walks everywhere now. The problem is finding shoes for his itty bitty feet.
*We finally figured out his G.I. issues: milk intolerance. Now he's on this nasty Alimentum formula, just for another few weeks though (he'll be one on the 23rd!!!!!) Don't know how we're going to transition to milk, we might just do rice milk, then try to to introduce whole milk.
*I'm planning a small bday party for him and I want to do an Eric Carle themed party. I already know how I want the cake, just deciding if I want to do it myself, or call a professional.
*When he wants his bottle, I show it to him and he shakes his head yes, while saying, "baba" SO CUTE!!!!
*He loves his bath and even if he already took one the night before, he always wants to get in with Sammy in the morning.
*He loves the blow dryer. He could be anywhere in the house and if hears the blow dryer, he'll come to the bathroom within 30 seconds.
*He wishes rocks were edible.
* I finally baby gated the kitchen so he couldn't go in there anymore. I got sick and tired of cleaning up tupperware and pots and pans on a daily basis. This kid is into everything!!!!! Total opposite of Sammy.
*He weighs 22 pounds.
*He has 6 teeth ( 2 on bottom and 4 on top)
*He has finally slept through the night every night for the past week (now if only Samantha would do the same)
*If he's cranky, all I have to do is take him outside.


I love this picture!!!
*We have officially taken her out of school. It just wasn't the same there anymore and she didn't enjoy it anymore.
*She now has more time, so we put her in violin. We gave her a choice of activities and she picked violin, but says she wants to do ballet in the summer. She's the youngest student her instructor has.
*She threw her first really really really bad temper tantrum today @ Sears while we were trying to buy a new washer and dryer. She was literally screaming until she was gagging and crying and laying on the floor kicking. It was oh so embarrassing.
*She's scared of her room, but then again so is everyone else, including her Grampy. I'm the only brave enough to sleep in there. She starts out in her bed, then ends up in our bed around midnight.
* She looks forward to Sunday school every week and says she can't wait to see her "Sunday friends."

Just a couple more pictures:
This one was from a few months ago. The lighting was particularly good in the kitchen that afternoon and I was playing around with my camera.

This one is from Spring Break in Corpus Christi. It was a verrrryyyyy long drive, but we had a lot of fun :)

Back to studying: I'm using every bit of my free time to study for EC-6 certification test. I think I want to teach pre-k part time next year (if I can find a job). My test is April 20th and I'm barely cracking the books. EEEEKKK!