Friday, September 17, 2010

The kids

Sam has started back to nursing school and his schedule is packed. The kids and I have been finding creative ways to stay entertained. Last night, Sammy wanted to have a tea party so we had a chocolate cup cake/ apple juice party and she was excited to drink out of the Japanese tea glasses.

He loves to eat his washcloths. Needless to say, I wash A LOT of them. (Don't worry, this one is clean)

They both love to just hang out in their room. Matthew is very entertained by Samantha and she does a great job with him. She used to ask for a sister, but now she tells me, " I don't want a baby sister, I just want my baby brother."

Here is a picture of their room. Matt's crib needs a little cosmetic repair, but it works. I love his crib set...thanks again Aunt Kim and Uncle David :)

In this picture Matthew was in the process of drooling all over Samantha's Barbies. She is such a good sister and lets Matthew play with all of her things...I hope that lasts :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bath time

I took this picture of Sammy tonight, just random.

Okay, so don't judge me for the next set of photos. Sam was studying late and I had to bathe both kids. I figure the Bumbo would be fun for Matthew and conveinent (sp?) for me. I'm sure there is a warning not to put the chairs in the bath...poor Matt was floating away, but Sammy was entertaining and he didn't care. (I kept a close eye on him.)

I love this picture!