Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Days

My new internship has been so much fun! I'm so excited to have a mentor teacher who is actually a mentor. All of the other teachers I have met are really nice and helpful. Samantha also seems to be adjusting well to daycare. She still cries hysterically when I drop her off, but she gets over it within a few minutes. The lady also said that she gets her own pillow and blanket for nap time and goes to sleep on her own. I have to see that to believe it. I still have to hold her and give her a bottle to get her to sleep at home. She doesn't have a bottle the entire day at daycare, but as soon as we get in the car she's begging for it. The bottle will be the death of me. Anyway, today when I picked her up, she was eating some goldfish and drinking a juice box. She saw me, got off her chair, threw her juice box away, then walked over to me. It was so crazy seeing her do all of these "big girl" things. She's growing up sooo fast.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My new hair

So, here it is. I was so scared to cut it all off, but I just told the lady, "Do whatever you think will look nice." I kinda miss my hair, but it'll grow back eventually.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A video from Christmas

Samantha loves these snowmen from Hallmark. Once she realized how to turn it on there was no stopping her. My grandma has the whole collection and Samantha turns them all on simultaneously.

Daycare update: She made it through her first day :) She was there from 7:30am to 2:00 pm. She was a little trooper. I called to check up on her around noon and they said she cried from 11 to 11:30, but then she was okay. They said she did great, despite that crying episode.

I went to my first day of my internship. I got there like an hour early cause I'm a dork. No, really I just didn't know time they started (8:50) isn't it great? I got an 8th grade US History class. It's in a portable. It seems like it's going to be a great semester. The teacher seems really nice too and people in the school speak very highly of him. I'm going to try to work on being more outgoing so I can really connect with the kids and come up with some great lessons. I like history, but I'm not very well versed, so I think I'll be learning right along with my students.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Wow. Thanks for the helpful advice everyone :) Sad news...I had to cancel the hair appointment. Apparently I had an orientation this afternoon for my internship. I am such a scatterbrain. I really have no idea how I'm going to get through the semester. It's rescheduled for Saturday :)

I applied for Graduation today!!! I'm so excited :) I also found out that I can graduate with an honors sash. I was okay with just the black gown, but the sash will be nice. My GPA is good right now, but I have this horrible professor next semester that my friends had and they barely passed. That would bring down my GPA and all hopes of graduating with honors. I'm not gonna let that stress me out though. Just graduating is enough for me.

Samantha is starting daycare tomorrow. We found a really great daycare that is ran by a church. They seem really loving and they are going to work with Samantha on the bottle issue. She will be the youngest in her class of 5 (3boys and 2 girls). She went with me to talk to them and she threw a fit when we had to leave. hopefully that means she likes it there.

Well tomorrow is my first day of my internship at a new school and I have no idea where it is. So I guess that means I should start mapquesting. And I have to iron. I do not miss that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Samantha is sleeping

I don't have any pictures for this post, just wanted to write. Samantha and I have started this new bedtime tradition where I read to her from books I am reading while she falls asleep next to me. Right now we are reading Twilight. I know, probably inappropriate for a toddler, but I think she just likes being read to. Anyway, the book is awesome. A bunch of my students were reading it and people were raving so I thought I'd give it a shot. Nevertheless I need to buy the next book.

Monday starts the first day of our daycare search. I had Samantha in various daycares last semester, but none seemed to work out. She is still taking a bottle and some places won't give it to her. I know she needs to be off of it, but I waited waaayyyy to late to take her off and she knows what she wants so it's been difficult. Not to metion most of the daycares find it appropriate to feed toddlers enchiladas. Samantha won't eat that, so some days she starves. Isn't that sad?

She's been a handful lately. She's getting a ton of teeth and she wants constant attention. I feel like a bad mom becuase I have lost track of when she got the most recent teeth and it's hard to get her to open her mouth so the baby book teeth chart thingy has been put on the back burner. I got her firt eight in there though.

She's on antibiotics too which makes everything more difficult. She has a cough and some congestion. Oh and she stayed up til midnight last night. Isn't that awesome?

I'm so excited! I have an appointment on Tuesday to get my haircut at a real salon, not Supercuts. I'm debating on keeping it long and adding bangs or cutting it above my shoulders. The short style is really tempting cause it would save a few minutes in the morning. Any suggestions? Ideas?

I can't believe I already start school next week. I'm excited though...my last semester!!! I just have to make it through a few more months. I take a pre-certification test on Jan 11th. I'm so nervous. My goal is to be a fully certified teacher by the end of February :0)

I better get to bed...it's late.