Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Albuquerque Trip

For 4th of July we decided to take an impromtu trip to Albuquerque. It was about a 5hr car ride and it actually wasn't that bad of a drive. Billy, Kassandra, Matt, and I rode in Billy's car and my mom, dad, and Samantha rode in my dad's truck. We stayed at Kirtland AFB and it was a terrible hotel. We went to the Albuquerque Zoo on Saturday the 3rd and that night, the town nearby, Rio Rancho put on a pretty awesome fireworks show. We came back home on the 4th.

Sammy and Grampy watching fireworks

Polar Bear

female gorilla

watching fireworks from the back of my dad's truck

matt in the stroller @ the zoo before we stripped him down to his diaper. it was hot outside.

sammy and makenna

Thanks for a great weekend uncle mark, aunt melissa, tyler, trey, and makenna. Also, thanks to my mom and dad for taking sammy and putting up with us at the creepy hotel and to kassandra and billy for letting matt and i ride in the car w/ you :)
I will post some pictures from Matt's arrival soon. I know it's a little backwards, oh well.

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