Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matthew Michael Warren

He's here!! (I'll post pictures soon...I barely got up the energy to write this)

Matthew was born on 4-23-2010. 6lbs. 10 oz. (a peanut)
Going in for the c section was the most traumatic experience of my life...I nearly passed out while the nurse put the IV in...she blew my vein twice and had to move to the other arm while someone else was on that same arm drawing labs.
Thank God it was time for shift change for the anesthesiologist...The lady leaving the shift did not believe in anti-anxiety meds until the baby was out. Really? It's over by then...that's why they are called "anti-anxiety" So I got a gooood anesthesiologist (sp is horrible) and he gave me good stuff...so much so that I don't remember much. I remember seeing the baby over the curtain and that's about it, but that's all I need to remember.

So after a 3 day stay in the hospital we are home :) Matthew had to stay for a few hours after I was discharged to get some tests ran because he had an episode of his lips turning blue for a little bit...he's okay though :) tests came back fine.

I think God has really blessed me with this one. He has been such a good, content baby. He sleeps a lot and he wakes every 4 hrs. on the dot to eat at night. I guess his name (which we chose at the last minute) suits him well. Matthew - gift from God.

I promise to post pictures later :)


Kim said...

He is a gift of God, what a miracle. It sure helps to have a good baby while you recover. I'm sure Sammy is a big help too!! We love you guys.

the Shipe's said...

Im so excited! I love his name too by the way! I wish I was there to hold him & take Sammy out on a little Theresa-Will-Sammy date while your busy with little guy! Love you & hope everything continues to go well!!!