Saturday, November 2, 2013

All-Encompassing Fall Post

Since I cannot find any pictures of Samantha's 6th Birthday party anywhere (She had a great bithday, btw. We had it at the YWCA in the gymnastics room. My friend, Deana, was the coach there and she hosted a great party), I will skip ahead to a few fall pictures.

La Union, NM corn maze
I have never been through this maze during the daylight hours, so I assumed it would be a piece of cake to get through. Ha! We chose the "easy" maze and it took us over an hour to make our way out. We stuck with Sam's plan of only making left turns. I think we had ti eventually use our gut instinct to get out. The left hand turn theory did not work very well.

Sammy and Ama T choosing pumpkins

Matt with our three pumpkins

This would have made a good Christmas card family photo, but Matt was refusing to cooperate and Samantha refused to smile like a normal person.

Halloween 2013
Sammy went as a witch again this year. Of course I waited till the last minute to find a broom, so I ended up making one...again this year.

Lacy did Samantha's "magical" witch makeup.

I had already purchased Matt a robot costume, but he insisted on being a ghost. After many struggles of cutting and fitting the sheet, this is what we ended up with.
We were getting ready to walk out of the door and he made a last minute switch...back to the robot costume.

Good morning picture from the babies to their daddy...We miss him. Just a couple more weeks...


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aww I didn't see this before! good pics!

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