Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lots of pictures

This was taken at a rest stop shop thing on the way out to Tucson.

Sam buried her feet at the Album park playground.

Car ride with Spiderman. I asked her where they were going and she said, "Albuquerque Zoo."

These are just a bunch of random pictures that I have been meaning to post, but haven't had the time. This one above was taken today at our hotel. My camera takes crappy, pixelated photos apparently.
This was outside of our hotel room. We had seen a lizard earlier in the day and she was on a mission to find him again.

I love this little face.

This is her up-to-no-good face.

This one was taken a few weeks ago at her cousin's swim meet.


The Crocks said...

She is SO cute!
We have that same bathing suit for Makayla. :)

the Shipe's said...

love the pics! where r urs & sams? hehe

the Shipe's said...

hey girl, I was going to email you, but all i have is your utep email, which I'm assuming is void. Responding to you comment on my blog: I wanted to tell you about Preschoolwise (it's kinda like babywise, but for older kids) There is toddlewise, but I'm not sure which group Samantha would fall into. That isn't a lot of sleep, but at her age it's not horrible.

Anyways, email me your new email when you get a chance mine is! love ya