Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sammy's 5th Birthday!!

 We some cupcakes on her real birthday

We went to a place called Henry's Puffy Tacos on Saturday Aug 18 with Aunt Kim, Uncle David, and Ryan and of course my mom and sister. Awesome must go there if you visit San Antonio. It was even featured on the Food Network. She was super surprised when the waitress put this hat on her head and everyone started singing. They brought out a kid sized hat and it was too small for her noggin :(

Of course Matt had to try it out.

This was her big gift from Sam and I...all the way from Babyland General Hospital in GA. Twin Boys!!! Jayden and Joshua. She was so excited when she opened them that she  couldn't say "Joshua" she said "Joloshula" It was hilarious. I still give her grief for it.

 We had a birthday for her Saturday, August 18 at Sunburst Gymnastics. This was the place where she went to summer camp and she begged us to have her party there. I'm glad we did, it turned out to be pretty awesome. Sam had a little too much fun and rubbed holes in his hands from hanging on the rings and bars, Everyone enjoyed watching his skills. He'll probably kill me for saying this, but he's a natural gymnast.

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet Sammy.

Sammy Kay and Audrey Lynn

She loves the high bar.

...and the balance beam.

Matt doing a crazy dive.

Loves her dream light unicorn.

Adults were allowed to go crazy too, so Sam did.

Party guests. From the left: Derek, Katia, Sammy, Audrey.
We were hoping for a few more kids, but she had a ton of fun!! All the kids were super sweaty and worn out by the end of the party. Success!!!

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