Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just more blabbing

I really need to post some pictures soon...sorry. I have been so stressed this week. I'm excited about the government lesson I will be teaching on Monday, but I'm stressing. My teacher really guided me on what to do, but I still don't feel prepared. I'm sure I'll be working on it for the better part of my weekend. Occasionally I take over for the teacher for one class period, but I really just repeat whatever he had said. Oh and to make matters more anxiety-inducing, I ran into the Asst. Principal today after school and he asked when I'm going to teach a lesson. Dumb me said "Monday." AAAhhhhh! I'm definitely not ready to be evaluated.

Samantha news: Not much to report here. She's not eating...maybe it's a phase...I hope. She still loves her daycare. Lately she's been going to bed by 7:30. WOW! I think waking up early has finally caught up with her. It's great for me though because now I have time for myself and I can actually start homework at a decent time instead of 11pm. She still takes a bottle. I'm so frustrated with this, but I think I just have to come to terms that I have lost this battle and she'll be done with it when she's ready.

That's all for now. I'll try to post pictures soon! Oh and Sam will be in El Paso on the 13th!!!! I can't wait!!!!!


the Shipe's said...

I wouldn't stress too much about the bottle, it'll happen eventually.
School sounds fun! Tell me how it goes!

mgaenzle said...

Don't worry about the lesson plan, even if the assistant principal comes and watches. It's only one day, and maybe he'll let you know that you are a kick butt teacher. Samantha and the not eating....she'll eat when she's hungry, trust me they are all like that. By the way, I'm glad you left me a comment at least I know someone is looking. Ballet for Makenna is okay but I think I'm going to need to get her into gymnastics. Maybe after Ballet is done and Soccer season, she starts that in the next couple of weeks too. Glad to hear you are doing well. Tell everyone Hi for me.